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  K.SQUARE offers a wide range of French language courses for the students who come from various socio-cultural backgrounds and, hence, have diverse requirements. K.SQUARE language school not only provides a good opportunity to improve the practicality of the French language but also guarantees an access to the French culture and literature. We have student-oriented training sessions aided with audio-visual programmes, and conducted through interactions with the native French as well as including excursions, lectures and seminars that enable the learners to acquire the practical knowledge of the French language and its culture

French for Academic Purpose: The French academic course at the VISTA Language Department is designed to help students improve their basic skills of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The course has an overt purpose to help these students pursue their further education for higher degrees in the French-medium institutions. The objective of this course is to impart language to the students that helps them with their accuracy in grammar and pronunciation along with the enrichment of the French vocabulary.

Basic French Course: This course aims at developing basic conversational skills in French. The course focuses equally on all the skills of the language, i.e. reading, speaking, listening and writing.
Assessment Criteria for the French Language Training at VISTA
• Written exams - 50%
• Classroom activities and presentation - 20%
• Assignment and project works - 20%
• Attendance - 10%

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